Domain Name Contact EMail Forward

1. According to ICANN's interim regulatory policy on Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data and the compliance requirements of GDPR, you can contact the domain name holder, management contact and technical contact by submitting the following information.
2. Our company only provides email forwarding service, and we do not guarantee the recipient whether he will reply to you by email. Our company will not guarantee the following contents you fill in, and will not bear any legal responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of the contents of the email. If it affects the recipient, please bear the corresponding responsibility. Including but not limited to sending spam, sending other abusive mail.
3. In view of the uncertainty of network communication, your following contents may not be delivered to the recipient accurately or in time, and the possibility of being intercepted is not ruled out. You agree that such problems and other consequences are not related to our company and shall be borne by you.
4. If you encounter domain names managed by other registrars, please contact the corresponding registrars.